Posh dog biscuits sell like hot cakes

Dog biscuits /Europics

Times might be hard but it seems that well-off dog lovers are still happy to pay a fortune for upmarket cakes and biscuits for their pets.

Bakers in Vienna, Austria, charge the equivalent of £40 a kilo for their doggy treats which are lovingly prepared from the finest organic ingredients, and served in posh packages wrapped with ribbon.

The online firm – Bunter Hund, or Colourful Dog in English – says they’re just too good to waste on anyone but man’s best friend.

“The most popular are the hand cut liver chips but we also have vegetarian treats. We find that despite the recession, our sales have gone up,” said a spokesman.

“People will spend on their dogs even if they can’t spend much on themselves.

“Ham and potato cakes are also popular, but so are the wholemeal honey hearts and apple and cheese biscuits.”


by Arf the Dog

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