Brothel opens its doors to homeless

Peter Laskaris /Europics

Homeless people are queueing up at an Austrian brothel after the owner offered them free rooms during the current cold spell.

Peter Laskaris, owner of the Red Rooms Laufhaus in Vienna, has opened his door to the homeless as temperatures of minus 20 hit the city.

He is offering 10 people a night a bed in his brothel for free, including a hot shower and a hot meal.

But he added: “Other services are not included.”

Mr Laskaris said the offer had been so popular that he was now in talks with other brothels in Vienna to open their doors to the homeless.

He added: “We are not really doing much business in the current cold weather anyway and it is the school holidays – a lot of people are off away with their families.

“Lots of our rooms are empty and it seemed a shame not to use them for a good cause. In these cold temperatures nobody should be left out on the streets.”

He said that every room had a bed and a private shower and each guest would get clean bedding each day and fresh towels.

He said: “I have told staff to make sure that the ten rooms are reserved for homeless people. I don’t want anyone out in the cold.”

He said: “The homeless shelters are completely full. People need a warm place to stay. Giving away 10 rooms means that we only have five rooms remaining in our brothel and these are running as normal. None of my girls are complaining – they will have a lot of sympathy for the homeless.

“We have security staff here anyway but it’s been no problem – everyone has taken up the offer has been very grateful to have a warm roof over their heads.”

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