Divine Wind Indeed!

Most people would look on this Japanese art – depicting various men and women engaged in flatulent combat – as 200-year-old toilet humour.

But the artwork, known as ‘He-gassen’ (or ‘fart battle’), is in fact a pointed comment on political and social changes in Japan.

Made by an unknown artist or artists, the scroll depicts a number of different scenes – all linked by the fact that at least one character is directing a debilitating blast of flatulence towards another character.

Repelling the attack: In this frame, a line of attackers are having their efforts sent back in their faces by a pair of quick-thinking men with fans. The image, while amusing, hides a more sinister racial message

What have they been eating? One of the more elaborate artworks in the scroll shows the ill-effects of the battle... a woman (left) has a scarf tied around her nose and a man (right) is holding his nose in discomfort

On for young and old: Women and men are caught up in the battle in this image, and the couple behind the upturned table clearly did not count on the awesome power of the central figure

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2104250/Divine-wind-Japanese-He-gassen-art-actually-form-social-commentary.html#ixzz1n8vInjfb

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