Angus Macgyver

Would the real Angus Macgyver stand up….


Angus MacGyver, known as just MacGyver or Mac until the final season of the American spy television series MacGyver, is the highly intelligent, optimistic action hero played by Richard Dean Anderson. He prefers non-violent conflict resolution wherever possible and refuses to carry or use a gun. MacGyver works as a problem solver for the fictional Phoenix Foundation in Los Angeles. Educated as a scientist and with a background from a fictional United States government agency, the Department of External Services (DXS), he is used as a resourceful secret agent able to solve a range of problems. In addition to his scientific knowledge and inventive use of common items, he always carries a Swiss Army knife and duct tape.

MacGyver’s first name remained a mystery until the third season; whenever he is asked about it, he says he dislikes his first name and quickly changes the subject. His grandfather, Harry Jackson, calls him “Bud” or “Buddy”. Consequently, most of his friends and colleagues call him by his last name or simply “Mac”. His first name is finally canonically revealed in “Good Knight, MacGyver”, in which he learns of a 7th-century man named Angus Mac’Iver (“son of Ingmarr”) and admits that they share their first name.

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