Open Ewe-niversity

Burnt out business professionals are flocking to a course that teaches them how to be sheep dogs to relieve office stress.

The ‘Raising the Baa’ course helps high-flying professionals bond with one another and develop their teamwork skills, reports Metro.

It’s run by Wiltshire shepherd Chris Farnsworth, who turned his back on the rat race and life as a sales executive over 30 years ago to become a professional sheepherder.

However as the farming industry became less profitable, Mr Farnsworth decided to try his hand at a new profession as a motivational expert.

“This event helps groups of people, who work together on a paid or voluntary basis, to improve communication skills, increase confidence, enhance leadership qualities, be an inspiration to others – and have heaps of fun in the process,” he said.

The courses, which cost about £2,000, give office workers the chance to round up a flock of unruly sheep and guide them into a pen.

Their every move is captured on camera and played back to them later on in the day, as participants are given a review of their performances.

Mr Farnsworth’s wife Caroline added: “We try and show them what lessons can be learnt in the business world from how they deal with the sheep. We call it our Open Ewe-niversity.”

by The Punjapit Alliance

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