Taiwanese artist wins with urine portrait of Iron Man

The urine artwork was created by a Taiwanese graduate student. (Photo/Lin Ho-sheng)

A Taiwanese graduate art student has won NT$400,000 (US$13,550) for artwork created from his own urine after being inspired by seeing blood in the toilet bowl after visiting the bathroom one day. The work is a portrait of the Marvel character Iron Man. The artist, Huang Tien-hsiang, beat more than 600 competitors from across the country.

Huang, a graduate student at the Tainan National University of the Arts, has been interested in comic books such as Spider-Man or Batman since he was young and has a collection of Iron Man products.

He said that on seeing blood in his urine, rather than being concerned, he immediately thought of the colors of Iron Man — red and yellow — and was inspired to create the portrait.


by The Punjapit Alliance

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