mother’s long skirt – a poem by lili han

suggested by aniie & remora

in the season of the rainbow©papa osmubal

mother used a pair of scissors
to cut a long skirt
abandoned by her daughter
she was making it for herself
the waist line was cut lower
the skirt’s hem was loosened an inch
before the mirror
still a long skirt for her
she complained about fat around the waist
busy looking for a coat to go with it
her daughter suggested a plain shirt
to match the skirt
she didn’t accept couldn’t understand
why the girls at the age of flowers
would like black, grey, white – plain tones
she had to wear
when she was young
because at that time
there were no other choices

finally, she chose a pink shirt
turned a full circle before the mirror
in the skirt with small blue-white flowers
as if her youth were back


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