Nokia Develops World’s First Vibrating Tattoo

Nokia has just filed a patent for the world’s first vibrating tattoo that alerts the user about a call, text message or email alert, reports Forbes.

According to the report, Nokia’s haptic tattoo will transmit “a perceivable impulse” through the skin when it receives magnetic signals from a phone.

The tattoo uses ferromagnetic ink that contains iron, which is heated to a high temperature before being applied to the user’s skin to temporarily demagnetize it.

The tattoo then needs to be remagnetized by “repeatedly running a magnet” over it.

Apparently, you can customize the alerts, similar to assigning ring tones to different contacts—for example, a flutter for your boyfriend or a “mighty itch”, for your teen, says the report.

The tattoo—which also alerts you when your phone battery is dying—carries a temporary version, which the user can wear on the skin, similar to an armband.

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