Inventor creates steam punk corkscrew

Corkscrew /Rex

An inventor has come up with an unlikely success – a half tonne ‘steam punk’ corkscrew that sells for £100,000.

Rob Higgs, 36, created the complex machine out of 300 pieces of metal he salvaged from scrapyards, skips and dumps.

The steam punk-themed invention uncorks wine glasses and pours the drink straight into a glass by using a hand operated crank.

A design company saw some potential in the 10ft tall invention and commissioned Mr Higgs to make 25 of the machines out of brass.

He was inspired as a child by items in his grandfather’s workshop and has spent much of his life creating engineering art in the form of eccentric and often useless devices.

“I don’t really design my work in the standard way. I never have it all in my head. It’s an organic evolution. The corkscrew just grew and grew,” he said.

“I kept on going and saying ‘it could do this and that’. I just kept adding bits and making fantastical features.

“You just keep going by putting things together and seeing if it works.”

by The Punjapit Alliance

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