With a pinch salt

Salt art WEnn

Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto creates incredibly intricate mazes made entirely out of salt.

Currently showing at the Hakone Open-Air Museum in Kanagawa, Japan is one of his newest works entitled ‘Forest of Beyond.’

The story about why Yamamoto started down this path is a sad and tragic one. He was a third-year student at the Kanazawa College of Art in 1996 when his younger sister died aged 24 – two years after being diagnosed with brain cancer. To ease his grief and to honour her memory, he started working on these installations.

Salt has a special place in the death rituals of Japan, and is often handed out to people at the end of funerals so they can sprinkle it on themselves to ward off evil.

Since 2001, he’s been creating these amazing floor installations by filling a plastic bottle, usually used for machine oil, with white salt and then sprinkling it on the floor.


by The Punjapit Alliance

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