World’s first stairlift for overweight dogs

Dog stairlift Rex

A warning about obesity in dogs has seen the design of the world’s first dog stairlift.

According to a shock report, one in three dogs of the 8.3 million canines in the United Kingdom are now obese.

So a device that can transport portly pooches up stairs has been unveiled.

Based on a conventional stair lift, the ‘Stair of the Dog 2022’ concept has been in development for six months and has a number of high tech modifications that make it dog friendly.

As well as a comfy basket for pets to sit in during the stair elevation stage, it features an electronic retractable platform – activated by a paw recognition button – to take said dog from floor to basket level.

The prototype has been created by MORE TH>N pet insurance, who warn that if obesity levels continue to rise at the current rate, over half of all pooches will be severely overweight (52 per cent) by 2022.

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