Titanic 3D–A sign of China’s stricter censorship

In the past two weeks, the Chinese government put a temporary gag to the social media and shut down Maoist sites to quell undesirable political discussion, many netizens were busy deciphering the signals the state intends to send – does it mean the tightening of censorship?

This is probably true, at least on the entertainment front. At midnight of April 10, James Cameron’s Titanic 3D and IMAX was released in China. Kate Winslet’s nude scene in Titanic became instantly the focus of Chinese netizens’ attention. In 1997, the scene where Jack draws the nude portrait of Rose was completely uncut and displayed on a wide screen in China, which was deeply registered in the memory of Chinese.  15 years later, when Titanic sails into the cinema again, the nude scene was removed by Chinese censors.

Many moviegoers find censoring of the nude painting scene unacceptable and ridiculous, “It wasn’t deleted 15 years ago. Why delete it now?” “I didn’t wait 15 years to see a three-dimensional iceberg!” Net user “Cambrian” wrote, “I just want to use a cliché that so many people in their school days love to use, the wheel of the history is spinning, however, it turns out it is only backpedalling.”

The epic film enjoys an exceptionally high status in China, not only because it is the first Hollywood blockbuster to feast Chinese eyes, but also for its romantic and emotionally-charged aspects that titillated Chinese youth. A net user even said, “I can only remember the hand print on the foggy car window.”

Some even lampooned the state watchdog with a satirical news story, “The State Administration of Radio, Film and Broadcast finally gave an explanation of its decision to remove the nude scene it OK’d 15 years ago: ‘In light of the specialness of 3D movies, we are concerned that viewers may extend their hands for a touch during the scene and hit heads of viewers sitting in their front, which may result in disputes. In consideration for building a society with spiritual civilization, we decide to remove the scene.’”


by The Punjapit Alliance

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