Troupe of college drag queens a commercial success; netizens frown

Wei niang, 伪娘, or literally, ‘fake girl’, is a Chinese slang for a drag queen who is not necessarily homosexual, which has a slightly pejorative connotation. However, as the word is being popularized by internet culture, some cross-dressers have come to accept this term and proudly applied it to themselves.

Alice Fake Girl Club was founded on October 1, 2009 in Wuhan, Hubei province and now has more than 20 members, all of whom are college students in the city of Wuhan.  The members proclaim that they “have magnanimity greater than men’s and glamor greater than women’s.”

These boys give a drag performance almost on a weekly basis. Each one of them charges the organizer 500 yuan (US$80) for each stage appearance.

Out of concern for privacy, all members refused to disclose their real names and only wanted to be identified by their stage names.

The Fake Girl Club is very selective when it recruits new talents. “The candidate must have slender and long legs. He cannot be too tall, and must have a pretty, feminine face.” At first, there were few applications. But as the club expands, it has accumulated a fairly high popularity and reputation, and more college students wish to join.

Members say that their life goes to back to normal offstage. They love to play basketball and watch sports games just as any man do. But because they have a prettier face than other boys, they are highly sought after by girls, and many of them have a girlfriend.

“Hao Ge”, a member, said that he patiently learns how to walk, speak and even throw tantrums like a girl from his girlfriend, and teaches his fellows after he commands it.


by The Punjapit Alliance

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