spring wind brings the fireworks…by Christopher Kelen and Agnes Vong

A woman blows bubbles toward a child on a sunny afternoon in Hong Kong

Xin Qiji (1140-1207) was a Song Dynasty poet who wrote in a range of genres and is famous for the more than six hundred ci poems he composed to one hundred and one different tunes. Kit (Christopher) Kelen and Agnes Vong have worked through around a quarter of Xin Qiji’s surviving oeuvre in order to present the reader with this collection of translations, adaptations and responses to the work of the Song poet. Prepared at the University of Macau in South China, this book brings the classical Chinese poem face to face with the Kelen/Vong translations and Kelen’s original poems ‘in the manner of’ Xin Qiji.

**Like an unwanted hitch-hiker, accompanying spring’s warmer weather is a raft of rain and showers and steamy humidity. Spring weather in Hong Kong (March – May), can bring wonderfully warm days with clear blue skies, or it can bring apocalyptic downfalls, resulting in black rainstorm warnings. It’s so unpredictable the only way to get a weather forecast is to look out the window.Humidity is relatively mild at the start of the season but as spring becomes summer, you’ll feel like a lobster in a pot.**

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