Zoo keeper shows amazing dedication

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A zoo keeper leapt into action to save a constipated baby monkey – by licking its bum with his tongue.

The tiny Francois’ leaf monkey ate a peanut thrown into its cage but was too small to pass it in the normal way.

Zhang Bangsheng, 50, a keeper at Wuhan Zoo in China, said the monkey’s life had been in danger.

First, he washed its bottom with warm water and then licked it for a full hour before it eventually defecated the peanut.

Zhang said the monkey was too small for medication so his unconventional approach was the only way to save it.

He “laughed with satisfaction” when the little monkey finally delivered the nut, according to the China Smack news website.

Zhang had noticed that it was ill the day after putting it on public show for the first time and worked out what had happened after spotting peanut shells on the ground.

His selfless devotion struck a mark with some of our readers including Kim Ewbank who commented: “That’s dedication for you. But can’t help thinking – eugh!”

But the wittiest response came from a reader called Robert who commented: “Sorry to say it, but it came out a treat.”


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