I Must be Quackers…..

BORIS the duck hates water. But he does enjoy holidays in Spain, sipping beer in bars and taking a ride in his owner’s car.

Wayne O’Donnell and his feathered friend are inseparable. He even carries the crazy bird on his head when it rains.

Wayne, 41, a caravan technician, has cared for Boris since he was a tender hatchling most likely to end up as a Sunday roast. Four years later, the Aylesbury duck behaves more like a pet dog.

The pair go for walks most days with Boris happily waddling beside his master through the streets of Romsey, Hampshire.

Wayne said: “I try to take him out for walks every day. It’s what attracted me to Romsey, because it’s a lot quieter and easier to take him out than when I lived in Bath.” Wayne even took Boris for a summer holiday in Spain at a villa close to Barcelona where they got strange looks from the locals as they wandered along the beach.

Wayne said: “People look gobsmacked when they see me and Boris. They can’t work it out.


by Arthur Furrowfield

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