Pedal-powered Ferrari supercar

An Austrian artist has created a pedal-powered version of a Ferrari supercar.

With its sleek design, blood red paintwork and bespoke features, the Fahrradi Farfall FFX looks the part.

But Hannes Langeder’s creation is effectively a bicycle surrounded by a lightweight frame.

Made from a combination of plastic and light-weight steel, it weighs just 100kg and is steered using pedals which control 11 different gears.

Based on the Italian sports car manufacturer’s £1million track-only Ferrari FXX, it took a year to create.

The vehicle’s name was inspired from the Italian for butterfly after it was described by one expert as moving ‘silently and with the weightless elegance of a butterfly’.

The eco-friendly car is currently on display at an automotive exhibition in Austria where it is considered road-safe.

Mr Langeder shot to fame in 2010 after a lightweight Porsche he created was driven by Richard Hammond on Top Gear.

by Arthur Furrowfield + robin

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