The world’s coolest bra?

A bra containing built-in ice packs to keep women cool in the summer has been unveiled in Japan.

Triumph’s new Super Cool Bra features gel pads which are placed in the freezer for up to two hours before wearing, reports the Daily Mail.

The bra, which comes in two different colours, is also adorned with a sprig of mint and miniature wind chime to offer a ‘refreshing fragrance and sound’.

Both bra cups have been designed to look like fishbowls, with the blue gel pads slipped behind a fish and seaweed pattern.

They also feature a miniature fan and a tiny ladle, which can be used to splash water over the body, attached at the side.

The bra was created by the underwear giant to encourage Japanese citizens to cut down on air conditioning.

The country is facing a number of energy issues following the Fukushima nuclear power disaster in March 2011.

Triumph spokeswoman Yoshiko Masuda said: “The whole nation, especially the Kansai region, is expected to suffer from a shortfall of electricity.

“Companies and families now have to deal with higher electricity bills, so we decided on this theme as we felt we had to increase awareness of saving electricity.”

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