Pensioners win top radio award

Betty and Beryl with producer David Reeve /PA

Two broadcasting pensioners with a combined age of 176 have won a top honour in the Sony Radio Awards.

Betty Smith, 90, and Beryl Renwick, 86, beat BBC 6 Music favourites Adam and Joe to claim the gong for the Best Entertainment Programme.

The pair, who describe new music as “absolute piffle” and reminisce about sugar shortages during the war, broadcast as Betty and Beryl on Radio Humberside.

“We are not old, we are recycled teenagers,” they cackle as they discuss fashion, local history and their penchant for Canadian crooner Michael Buble.

The two friends, who are both widows and have lived in the Hull area for their entire lives, were spotted by the show’s producer David Reeves during a guided tour of the BBC Hull building in 2006.

He had been looking for someone who could represent older people’s views and give a voice to a generation not often heard on the radio.

Sony judges declared that the elderly women offered a refreshing change of pace.

“Betty and Beryl are a joyous entertaining double act, having fun with the medium and unconstrained by any ingrained ideas of what works and what doesn’t,” they said.

“They give a voice to a sector of society unrepresented on radio, and do it with a joy that puts many of their fellow broadcasters to shame.”

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