Health and safety chiefs ban bunting

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Council chiefs in Somerset have banned Jubilee bunting from town centre lamp posts on health and safety grounds.

Traders in Burnham-on-Sea hoped to hang hundreds of feet of flags up and down the High Street, reports the Daily Telegraph.

But Somerset County Council says every lamppost would have to be ‘stress tested’ to ensure they are strong enough to hold the decorations.

The town’s Chamber of Trade was also prevented from hanging bunting across the road because of height restrictions.

Spokesman Jonathan Walter said: “We simply wanted to hang the bunting between shops and lamp posts. What damage can a bit of string and plastic do?”

Burnham’s ageing lamp posts are due to be replaced later this year. The town had to drop out of Britain-in-Bloom because they were deemed too weak to support hanging baskets.

Town Clerk Eileen Shaw said: “I know there is an issue going on about the bunting and whether it can be put across the pavement and round the lighting columns.

“Personally, I would be worried about bunting going across the footway and back to the shops – the risk assessment would be worried. I know it’s only minor but that’s what happens these days.”

by Arthur Furrowfield 

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