Old People Officially Not Smelly

The older you get the less you stink

According to research published in the online science journal PLoS One, old people do not smell as bad as young or middle-aged people.

The paper, The Smell of Age: Perception and Discrimination of Body Odors of Different Ages, reports an experiment in which people of different ages were asked to sleep in the same T-shirt for five nights with additional pads under the armpits.

The pads were then removed and put into jars to be sniffed by volunteer subjects.

According to lead researcher Dr Johan Lundstrom, the results showed that “young guys are stinky, middle-aged guys are even more stinky, and when they got old it goes away.”

via: http://www.wakkipedia.com/newsitem/161/old-people-officially-not-smelly/

by Dr.Vince

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