We Visit China’s KFC Rip-off Noodle Shop “Grandma Ji’s Mala Tang”

Black-framed glasses, black bowtie, white jacket, a soothing smile framed in a well kempt beard: these are the things that usually come to mind when thinking about Kentucky Fried Chicken’s beloved founder and mascot, Colonel Sanders.

That iconic image of the Colonel can now be found illuminating KFC storefronts in over 100 countries around the world and China is no exception. In fact, the Chinese love the Colonel so much that some restaurant owners even rip off pay homage to him with their own amusing interpretations like Obama Fried Chicken.

We recently came across one such restaurant in Shanghai that turned our beloved Colonel into an elderly Chinese woman—and she doesn’t even sell fried chicken!

The restaurant is called Grandma Ji’s Mala Tang and is located in the  Pudong district of Shanghai. Mala tang is a traditional hot and spicy soup dish that is a popular fast food item in China.

Supposedly, even the Chinese were surprised at the audacity of using a gender-swapped Colonel Sanders as a mascot and Grandma Ji has become something of a local legend.

Upon visiting the restaurant, we were startled to see Grandma Ji’s face all over: on the front counter, on posters lining the walls and even on the bowls and spoons! We’re not sure we’ve ever seen anyone unashamedly rip off such a well-known trademark with such confidence and assertion, even in China.


by The Punjapit Alliance

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