Aung San Suu Kyi to meet the ‘Hairy Cornflake’

Unlikely pair

Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi is to finally meet one of her heroes – former Radio One DJ Dave Lee Travis.

Mrs Suu Kyi, 66, says listening to the ‘Hairy Cornflake’ on the BBC World Service made her “world much more complete” while she was detained

The political icon, who was held under house arrest in Burma for nearly 15 years, is on a two-week tour of Europe, her first trip here in 24 years.

And it’s been confirmed that she will visit Travis during her stay – after addressing Parliament, picking up an Amnesty International award from U2 singer Bono, and collecting the Nobel Peace Prize.

Travis, 67, said: “I’m quite excited that I’m going to see her in person. She seems like a wonderful woman – the courage that she’s shown, the unflinching, let’s-just-keep-on-the-right-road attitude.

“I’m fascinated to hear more about her and how she came to listen to my show.”

Travis’s programme, A Jolly Good Show, reached 40 million listeners at its peak but was cancelled in 2001.

The broadcaster said he was flattered but not surprised that Mrs Suu Kyi was a fan, adding: “The show was very light-hearted but something that caught the imagination of people around the world.”

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