Topless painter shocks talent show

Thailand’s Got Talent has been ticked off by the Government after a contestant shocked judges by painting with her breasts.

The 23-year-old woman covered her breasts with paint and used them to paint a canvas, reports the Daily Telegraph.

She was demurely dressed in a checked shirt and jeans when she made her entrance on the show, and spoke politely to the judges.

But then she turned her back to the camera, removed her shirt and bra, and rubbed yellow, green, red and black paint into her breasts.

Then as dance music played she rubbed her breasts against the canvas, using them to paint as a stunned audience and the three judges looked on in disbelief.

One of the judges was a woman, who eventually walked off the set, complaining that the performance was inappropriate to Thai culture.

But the other two judges, both male, decided the performance was a form of artistic expression and advanced her to the next round

Thailand’s culture minister, Sukumol Khunploem, summoned the producers for a dressing down over airing the clip in the family show.

She said that public nudity was unacceptable and jarred with Thailand’s conservative culture.

“There must be limits to artist expression,” said the minister, Ms Sukumol. “The minister will meet the producers of Thailand’s Got Talent to get an explanation.”

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