Jack Daniel’s disputes Welsh claim

Jack Daniels /PA

Jack Daniel’s have poured cold water on claims the original recipe for their American whiskey was created in Wales.

Mark Evans, 54, was researching his family history when he discovered the recipe in an old book of herbal remedies.

It was written in 1853 by his great-great grandmother, a local herbalist in Llanelli called Mrs Daniel, reports the Mirror.

Her brother-in-law John Daniel left the Welsh town at about the same time to move to Lynchburg, Tennessee – where the Jack Daniel’s distillery opened three years later.

Mr Evans said: “I’m pretty sure I’ve discovered the original recipe. I wanted to look at the family bible and in the bookcase was this book.

“My great-great uncle left for Lynchburg and nobody heard from him after a couple of letters.

“That was during the time Jack Daniel’s was set up, but more importantly, he was called John ‘Jack the Lad’ Daniel’s.”

However, Jack Daniel’s master distiller Jeff Arnett said it wasn’t the original recipe book.

He said: “It’s a good story, but one based in fancy rather than fact – the people and dates just don’t match up.

“Jack Daniel’s family was living in America for two generations prior to the 1853 date Mr. Evans suggests his relative came to the United States.”


by Arthur Furrowfield

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