Hey Guys, You’re Being Predictable – And this Picture Proves It!

Okay, it can be embarrassing when you realize you’re being predictable – like when you were being extra nice to your Mom as a child and she would say, “Thanks for being so sweet, but you’re still not going to get that toy/video game/bicycle (or whatever it is you’ve been coveting for the past month),” or when as a teenager, you tried too hard to be kind to the girl you had a crush on and your friends would tease you saying, “Man, you’re so easy to read!” Aren’t you glad that phase of your life is over? Well, all of you guys out there, you may not know it, but you’re probably being predictable right now, even as you read this post!

You may wonder how that can be. Take a good look again at this picture of a beautiful, sexy girl in a bikini. Still not seeing it?

If you’re not seeing anything in the picture and want to know what this is about, scroll further down for the answer.




So, were you as predictable as this picture says? Well, even if you were, don’t feel too bad about it, because according to what it says here, you were only being as predictable as 100% of the male population!


by The Punjapit Alliance


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