Gromit was ‘meant to be a cat’

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Wallace and Gromit /PA

Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park has revealed that the inventor’s canine companion was originally going to be a cat.

The Oscar-winning animator, 53, said he only changed his mind because he realised that dogs were easier to model.

He also disclosed that Gromit was due to be a “bouncy, extrovert character but on the first day of shooting, he was too hard to move”.

Wallace and Gromit have become hugely successful since their creation more than 20 years, and have appeared in five films together.

Park told the Radio Times: “I had this idea about this guy who builds a rocket in his basement. Then I thought he had to have an assistant. So I drew a cat, called Gromit.

“But when I came to model the cat out of clay, I just found a dog easier to make – longer legs and a proper snout.

“Plus, I had a packet of dog’s noses from a craft shop, so Gromit became a dog.”

The cheese-mad inventor and his long-suffering pooch are to star at this year’s BBC Proms, appearing with an orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall on a big screen.

Park said that occasionally, the characters will be seen approaching the conductor via Wallace’s “pneumatic sending device”.

Park added: “As they have only ever existed on film, this is a way of having a live experience with them.”

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