Summer Bitch Festival – Korean Style


Recently an advertisement put up at a Lotte Department Store in Jeonju has gotten attention on the internet. A portal site placed this photo online and the department store’s simple mistake has led to numerous humorous replies beating back the dog days of summer.

The story begins when the department store created an ad saying “Summer Bitch Festival” and it wound up being a hot topic on internet message boards.

“Bitch” is the most insulting word in English for a woman as well as a popular piece of profanity.

The store intended to write not “Bitch” but “Beach”, and a representative of the company which produced the banner said, “actually the banner in question wasn’t used at the festival and it just happened to be exposed during the set-up process and that’s how it got on the internet and made this awkward situation.”

By Arthur Furrowfield

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