Swamp Football World Cup 2012

So swamp football then, eh? It’s like regular football, only swampier. Much swampier, in fact. So swampy you can barely move, no less.

This year’s swamp football world cup – yes indeed, there’s a swamp football world cup – is being held in China, with Beijing playing host to 32 teams over several 25m x 15m swamps, kicking and scrapping and sloshing it out for the grand prize.

A few swamp football details for you, just to get your head around it:

  • There’s no offside rule
  • You can substitute as many people on and off as you like
  • Only six people on the pitch at one time
  • Your squad must be made up of 12 people
  • Boots may not be changed during the game
  • It’s a game of two halves (of course), each lasting 13 minutes each


by The Punjapit Alliance

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