I love poo

Nothing says “I love you” more than a Valentine’s Day card made from pulped elephant faeces.

Card maker Vijender Shekhawat is hoping his unique format of romantic missive will take the market by storm.

His company Haathi Chaap (Elephant Stamp) plans to process 30 tons of dung every month to make a special paper from the grass and leaf fibres that pass through the elephants’ system without being digested.

The pulp produces a high quality, unique paper which can be used for any style of greeting card.

“Elephants’ gastrointestinal tract cannot digest fibres well. About 40 per cent of everything goes through untouched but softened and pre-pulped.

“As a result, their dung makes fantastic paper when it is pressed and processed,” explains Vijender.

Crucially for the potential buyers and receivers the cards do not smell.

“People always worry about the smell, but believe me the cards smell as sweet as any other Valentine’s Day cards on the market,” added Vijender.


by The Punjapit Alliance

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