The Saietta S

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Distinctive and desirable, Saietta S is the next generation of electric urban motorcycle. The light weight provides lithe manoeuvrability. Fun, fast and sporty, Saietta S is a high profile way to get around town.

The Saietta S acceleration is lightning fast, from 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds. Its total weight of 135 kg means you can whip the bike around town, faster than any other mode of urban transport. 50 miles range with 46 peak horsepower makes for easy riding, and at 20 pence for 50 miles, you will never notice the cost of riding.

Optimised through intelligent design and ground-breaking engineering to invoke a near-perfect user relationship, Saietta’s exceptional manoeuvrability and instinctive ergonomics expand your riding abilities and heightens the senses

by Arthur Furrowfield

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