Dolphin dog tests the water

Kira /Rex

A black labrador has been filmed frolicking with a pod of dolphins in the Indian Ocean.

Kira chased after her sea friends in the underwater footage, captured by a group of ocean revellers.

Wearing a life jacket, the puppy was sitting with tourists in a dive boat, off the coast of southern Mozambique.

But as soon as she spotted a fin in the water, Kira jumped over the side to join in the fun.

Fearlessly she swam toward the dolphins which seemed to accept the furry intruder and curiously swam circles around her.

The canine’s owner, Noleen Withers, runs the Somente Aqua Dolphin Centre in Ponta do Ouro, near the South African border.

Kira has “a fond love for the ocean”, according to the centre’s website and often accompanies dolphin watchers. She even has a dive boat named in her honour.

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