It’s Official! ‘Shitterton’ Is UK’s Most Unfortunate Place Name


Commiserations to the good people of Crapstone, Brokenwind and Pratts Bottom. They’ve just been outdone by Shitterton – an idyllic hamlet of thatched cottages in Dorset – in a poll to find Britain’s most unfortunate place name.

Mind you, the nearby valley of Scratchy Bottom put up a good fight – coming second in the survey by

Meanwhile, despite being among the hot favourites for the title, Brokenwind in Aberdeenshire could only manage to take the third spot – closely followed by Crapstone in Devon and Golden Balls in Oxfordshire.

As you may remember – if you somehow possess instant recall of all vaguely amusing news stories from the past few years, that is – Shitterton previously hit the headlines in 2010 when residents clubbed together to buy a new road sign made from Purbeck stone after pranksters had stolen all the common-or-garden metal ones (as seen above).

So what’s it like there nowadays? “It’s perfectly nice, thank you very much – and we’d very much appreciate it if you took your pathetic toilet humour elsewhere,” says Shitterton resident Willy Pooface.

OK, we made that quote and name up. Because we’re very, very childish. And if you’re of a similar immature disposition, you may well enjoy our gallery of amusing place names from around the UK…

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