Why drinking red wine helps keep pensioners steady on their feet

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A ‘miracle ingredient’ in red wine could help pensioners keep a spring in their step.

Scientists say that resveratrol, which is already credited with a host of health benefits from cutting cholesterol to warding off cancer, boosts balance and improves mobility.

In tests, old mice that were given the plant chemical for a few weeks became just as sprightly as young animals.

If resveratrol has similar effects on the human body, it could help prevent the painful falls and fractures which many pensioners struggle to recover from.

With falls one of the leading causes of death in the over-75s, and half of elderly women dying within two years of a fall, the impact could be huge.

The researchers said: ‘Our study suggests that a natural compound like resveratrol, which can be obtained through dietary supplementation or diet itself, could actually decrease some of the motor deficiencies that are seen in our ageing population.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2190586/Why-drinking-red-wine-helps-pensioners-steady-feet.html#ixzz241l86pev

by Arthur Furrowfield

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