Closed for a End of Summer Holiday

Management has asked us to take End of Summer vacation….

So Punjapit is going to be closed & will reopen mid October.

(Arf will be guarding “the SHED”)

Spaniel plays mum for lambs

Playing mum /Rex

A springer spaniel is helping out on her owner’s farm – by playing mum for four lambs.

Jess even feeds the Dorset Horn lambs, which could not be fed by their own mother, using a bottle held in her mouth.

Owner Louise Moorhouse, who has 270 sheep on her 180-acre farm in Devon, says Jess is a great help.

She said: “She’s been doing it ever since she was a puppy. I taught her to hold the milk bottle in her mouth and she did the rest.

“It’s very funny when she runs across the field gripping the bottle.”

And the multi-tasking mutt doesn’t just get involved with lamb feeding.

She also happily carries buckets of feed and farm equipment to wherever they’re needed.

As a reward, Jess apparently often enjoys licks, nuzzles and belly rubs from grateful sheep.

by Arf the Dog

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Men in South Korea apparently wear makeup

In the male-dominated society of South Korea, men who apply makeup every morning are becoming as commonplace as American men shaving their faces.

South Korea’s largest cosmetics company, Amorepacific, expects to sell more than $885 million in men’s cosmetics this year. Last year, the average Seoul man spent $26 on skincare, making up more than one-fifth of global sales. It is now the largest market for men’s skincare in the world, according to the Associated Press.

Men in South Korea wear makeup for an edge in a competitive job marketplace and to satisfy the changing expectations of Korean women, many of whom expect men to spend as much time on grooming as they do.

“Having a clean, neat face makes you look sophisticated and creates an image that you can handle yourself well,” 24-year-old college student Cho Won-hyuk told the AP.

by A + E

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Dog learns to tightrope walk

Tightrope walking dog /Quirky China News

A dog has been learning to tightrope walk to help firefighters deal with disasters in China.

The Alaskan Malamute walks over two 10m long wires in just 60 seconds as part of its daily training.

“Don’t be afraid. Take it slowly. Be careful with the wires,” it is told by trainers at Chongqing Municipality Fire Fighting Special Mission Base .

Underneath, 10 more dogs – which trainers hope will soon be capable of undertaking the same training programme, watch closely.

Head trainer Wang Xianting said the idea was to prepare the dogs to work in disaster areas where they could encounter all kinds of obstacles.

“Through these challenging training programmes, our dogs learn to complete rescue missions under extreme conditions,” he said.

by Arf the Dog

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A loo with a view – both ways

Loo with a view /Courtbean/Flickr

A New York hotel has become famous – for its toilet windows which enable people outside to see guests ‘doing their business’.

Restroom users at the Boom Boom Room club on the 18th floor of the The Standard Hotel are completely visible from the street below.

The 10-foot, floor-to-ceiling windows give users fantastic views of the Manhattan skyline – but the visibility works both ways, reports the New York Daily News.

“The view outside is exciting, but the view inside is frightening,” said David Langdon, 55, from Melbourne, Australia.

“I saw people waving at me! Sitting on the royal throne, you don’t expect a public viewing!”

Belinda Langdon, 24, who was visiting the club with her father, mistakenly thought the windows were reflective on the outside.

“It’s pretty creepy,” she said on learning the truth. “The people taking pictures are pervy. You just hope nobody recognises you on the street.”

But some customers have no qualms about airing their privates in public.

“Who cares? So people know you have to pee?” said restaurant manager Florentina Ballesteros, 26. “The view was wonderful both ways!”

by Arthur Furrowfield

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Samuel Adams Octoberfest Milkshake

Samuel Adams Octoberfest Milkshake

We’ve had plenty of beer-based concoctions before, but a milkshake? The Samuel Adams Octoberfest Milkshake is here to make us believers. Available through November 11 at Red Robin, this unique drink is a blend of soft serve ice cream, Samuel Adams Octoberfest draft, vanilla, and caramel, and pairs well with the chain’s warm pretzel bites.

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“Spray Which Turns Poop Stink into Floral Aroma” Not Cleverly Named but Very Cleverly Designed

Labeled in English as magic spray: the aroma of flowers but sold in Japan under the name Spray Which Turns Poop Stink Into Floral Armoa, some would argue that the name of this spray is a little too self-explanatory.  How it works, on the other hand, is more interesting that you’d expect.


As you can probably gather from its Japanese name, this product is designed for use on dirty diapers. However (and don’t hold me to this) I suppose could be used on other odorous toilet situations given how it works.

Magic Spray stands apart from other air fresheners by not just masking crappy smells but assimilating them to create an even better smell.

by Pip G.

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