A loo with a view – both ways

Loo with a view /Courtbean/Flickr

A New York hotel has become famous – for its toilet windows which enable people outside to see guests ‘doing their business’.

Restroom users at the Boom Boom Room club on the 18th floor of the The Standard Hotel are completely visible from the street below.

The 10-foot, floor-to-ceiling windows give users fantastic views of the Manhattan skyline – but the visibility works both ways, reports the New York Daily News.

“The view outside is exciting, but the view inside is frightening,” said David Langdon, 55, from Melbourne, Australia.

“I saw people waving at me! Sitting on the royal throne, you don’t expect a public viewing!”

Belinda Langdon, 24, who was visiting the club with her father, mistakenly thought the windows were reflective on the outside.

“It’s pretty creepy,” she said on learning the truth. “The people taking pictures are pervy. You just hope nobody recognises you on the street.”

But some customers have no qualms about airing their privates in public.

“Who cares? So people know you have to pee?” said restaurant manager Florentina Ballesteros, 26. “The view was wonderful both ways!”


by Arthur Furrowfield

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