Empty Beer Cans Become Art

Remember the old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Well after you take a look at some of these incredible hand-made sculptures, made entirely from old beers cans, cartons and containers, you might well be reaching for your credit card and heading over to eBay…

Over at Hamster Sokuhou, a thread has exploded with comments of praise and amazement for photos of aluminium can sculptures, produced by one Japanese internet user going by the name of “Makaon”, featuring everything from birds to Ultra Man and Pikachu.

Whoever this Makaon person is, she is very, very talented…

 Unlike beer cans in the west, Japanese breweries frequently launch seasonal beers with vastly different flavours or feature cans with seasonal or promotional designs, which are usually snapped up as soon as they land on the shelves. Just as clothing stores bring in their autumn range when summer has reached its peak, supermarkets and liquor store shelves in Japan change colour with the seasons.

A quick trip to any supermarket will show that, although autumn has only just arrived in Japan, Kirin Beer’s winter-themed brew is already on the shelves, and proving to be incredibly popular.


by The Punjapit Alliance

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