Japan Develops Fart-Deodorizing Underwear: Silent and NOT Deadly

Gather around boys and girls, we’re going to hear a frank and serious story about smelly farts, butts, underpants, and old people smell.  More importantly, this story is about the man who may make all of these things extinct.

This story follows the creation of Inodore, a Japanese-made material that did something to stop not only fart smells, but a range of other body odors deemed “unpleasant” by society.  This company has found a method to eliminate foul smells from the body without the use of any harmful chemicals or powerful perfumes.

Their clothing products currently on sale can trap and eliminate everyday body odors like sweat and gas by over 95%, 80% of which is erased in the first 30 seconds of contact.


Our story begins with Professor Hiroki Ohge of Hiroshima University who was studying how diseases can affect the smells of people’s farts.  By analyzing a fart smell along with its key component, hydrogen sulfide, it could be possible to detect illnesses.

For example, conceivably, cancer could be detected by getting a butt smelled rather than getting a finger stuck up there.

While Prof. Ohge was studying in America he noticed that there were various cushions and shorts on sale that deodorize using activated carbon contained within.  This type of carbon was like charcoal but had even more holes inside which could trap odor molecules as they passed through.

“It would be better if it wrapped tightly around the butt like underwear, then the smell wouldn’t escape through openings” thought the professor.


by The Punjapit Alliance

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