Kid Photographed Taking a Dump on Chinese Subway

There must be something in the water in Asia this week. No sooner had we heard the story of a man caught urinating on a political campaign poster in Osaka than a photo emerges of a boy doing a number two in a busy train in China…

The photo was posted online on Saturday evening by a Chinese internet user along with a message saying that he had witnessed the kid taking a “huge” dump on the crowded train.

The image has, understandably, caused quite a ruckus online, and was even picked up by the Chinese media, with people condemning the act as everything from “shameful” to “vomit-inducing”…

 Although we (thankfully!) can’t see the chop that the kid is supposedly dropping in the above image, the comments the user makes along with his photo, as well as the fact that the kid is holding tissue paper and clearly has his pants pulled down, lead us to believe that this may be the real deal.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw today;” the uploader comments, “I was taking the number three train through Guangzhou (Canton) when I noticed this kid taking a dump in the corner next to the doors. And what’s more it was huge! The kid’s father was standing right beside him watching him do it.”

by The Punjapit Alliance

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