Japanese Adult Toy Maker Asks You to Masturbate for Charity

Now, in honor of World AIDS Day, Japanese adult goods maker TENGA is asking men across the globe to take matters into their own hands by selling a line of limited-edition designer male sex toys and donating all the proceeds to AIDS awareness and prevention.

 Each toy was designed by one of twelve international fashion brands and artists, and will be sold as a part of the “Respect Yourself Project,” an annual fundraising initiative started by TENGA in 2010 to raise awareness and of AIDS and HIV in Japan and abroad.

Though the percentage of the population living with HIV/AIDS in Japan remains one of the lowest in the world (.01% as of 2006), the number of new cases have been increasing rapidly over the past few years, due to fear of social discrimination and overall lack of awareness among the general public, and apathy among the government and media.

According to Inter Press Service, the Japanese government bases their official HIV/AIDS statistics on tests, which greatly understates the actual figures. In addition, voluntary testing has been dropping in recent years, despite it being free, and the the use of condoms has plunged from 700 million annually in 2001 to 200 million in 2011, which has further contributed to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

TENGA, which has sold over 19 million male masturbation toys worldwide since production began in 2005, launched the Respect Yourself Project three years ago in hopes of reversing this trend.

As they explain on the Respect Yourself Project 2012 website:

Worlds AIDS Day is on December 1 and was established in 1988 to increase awareness of and fight the stigma surrounding people living with HIV and AIDS.


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