First walk for Britain’s smallest dog

Mini /Bournemouth News/Rex

Britain’s smallest dog has embarked on her first walk – despite being too tiny to fit the littlest of leads.

Pocket-sized Mini is just seven inches long and slips through every shop-bought collar.

However, dedicated owner Emma Williams came up with the perfect solution, reversing the lead and slipping the handle end over Mini’s head.

It meant Ms Williams, 29, could take the tiny pooch for a stroll along the seafront in Sandbanks, Dorset.

The chilly winter air meant that Mini had to don a coat made from a child’s sock, but running around helped to keep her warm.

And the Yorkshire terrier-Chihuahua cross showed she’s no scaredy dog when she came face to face with a huge St Bernard dog.

Mini was the runt of a litter of six puppies and weighed just 1.3ozs – little more than an egg – when she was born.

Ms Williams became a surrogate mum to Mini and fed her milk formula every two hours.

She said: “When I took Mini out for a walk everyone stopped to talk to her, a few people even thought I was walking a pet rat which was very funny.

“During the walk pretty much everything was an obstacle, so we mainly walked along the beach.”

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