China Holds Outdoor Masturbation Festival

December 1st was World AIDS Day, and events were held all across the world to raise awareness about the disease and to stop its spread. China took part as well, organizing various events, including this rather unique one: the first annual Chinese Masturbation Reception.

While the organizers certainly had their hearts in the right place, the sight of men going at it like chimps in isolation had some members of the public wondering whether they were going too far.

The event took place at a field in Shenzhen, Guangzhou Province, with seven men and three women participating in the performance, which organizers said they hoped would raise awareness about AIDS by being covered far and wide as China’s first ever masturbation festival. Indeed, news outlets flocked to cover the show.

Participants first performed using a blow-up doll, “fleshlight” male masturbation toys and other adult novelties, then the men in the group dropped trow and pleasured themselves, using small wash basins to cover their “important bits”.

According to the banner over the stage at the event, the grand prize would be awarded to the man who held out longest, with a second-place prize going to the one who finished first. There was also a telephone number for people who wanted to register to participate. The organizer appeared to be an individual or else a small organization, but as they were able to obtain sponsors for the event, it had a rather sweet earnestness about it.

A representative said that the inspiration came from a global event called Masturbate-a-thon, and thought that China could get “a little release” by participating this year.

That’s all well and good, and the spectacle of seven men, all lined up with their pants down and a bucket over their nether regions is certainly eye-catching, but the question is whether it really accomplishes the goal of raising AIDS awareness.

by The Punjapit Alliance

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