Driving dogs throw away their L-plates

Dogs driving cars

Three rescue dogs trained to drive by an animal rescue charity have successfully passed their tests.

They each successfully guided a specially modified Mini around a race track in Auckland, New Zealand.

Monty, a giant schnauzer; Ginny, a whippet cross; and Porter, an old beardie cross, were put through their paces on live television.

The initiative was set up by the New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to show how clever rescue dogs can be.

The dogs spent seven weeks learning how to start the car, accelerate, change gears and steer.

Trainer Mark Vette, who has worked with animals on a number of Hollywood blockbusters, said: “This has been the toughest assignment we’ve had.

“It’s all the dog doing it. He’s started the key, put the paw on the brake to allow it to go into gear, put it into drive, paw on the steering wheel, accelerator on, and off he goes down the track.

“We’ve done Lord of the Rings, many of the big movies but to actually get a dog in a car with no trainer and it does the whole gig itself, I tell you what, it’s been a real challenge.”


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