Something Dark And Bittersweet Is Brewing — Chocolate Beer!


Produced by the Sankt Gallen Brewery based in Kanagawa Prefecture, this so-called “chocolate beer” surprisingly isn’t made from real chocolate or cacao/cocoa. It’s made mainly from a combination of high temperature roasted chocolate malt and regular roasted base malt, which gives it a distinct rich flavor, not to mention the dark chocolaty color, all quite different from the typical light, golden-colored beer that we’re accustomed to. And in case you’re wondering, many women in Japan go crazy buying chocolates (some of them quite expensive too — Pierre Hermé, Jean-Paul Hévin and Pierre Marcolini , to name just a few of the chocolate brands popular in Japan) for Valentine’s Day, hence the chocolate beer promotion at this time of year.

This year’s chocolate beer line-up was released on January 10th, and our lucky reporter had the chance to sample some of the dark, bittersweet drink and even received some tips from the folks at Sankt Gallen on how to make the most of your chocolate beer experience.

by Arthur Furrowfield

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Gran, 61, takes up pole dancing

Sun Fengqin /Europics

A 61-year-old grandmother has become massive hit in China – as the country’s oldest pole dancer.

Sun Fengqin took up the raunchy hobby after looking for a new type of exercise when she got bored with tai chi.

Now millions of viewers have watched the gran-of-four grind through her gyrating routines either on TV or online.

“I can never say no to an audience because I love pole dancing and I love being on a stage,” said Sun at her home in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, eastern China.

But she says some friends and family have shunned her because of pole dancing’s association with China’s sex industry.

“A friend I had known for 20 years told me I wasn’t welcome any more because I might corrupt her children,” explained Sun.

Her long suffering husband Cui added: “I can’t say I am 100 per cent happy and I’d rather she did yoga, but I will always support her.”

by The Punjapit Alliance

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Brewer makes a hooch for pooches


A US brewery has released an alcohol free beer – just for dogs.

Dawg Grog is on sale in Bend, Oregon, where Boneyard Brewery creates its selection of bespoke beers.

Described as a ‘healthy, nutritional, liquid treat for your best friend’, the beer can be served on its own or poured over food.

The beverage is packed full of vegetables and spices including ginger, cinnamon and honey, reports Metro.

It is the brainchild of Boneyard Brewery taster Daniel Keeton, who says his own dog just can’t get enough of the stuff.

“Two things that have become part of the Bend lifestyle are beer and dogs,” Visit Bend CEO, Doug LaPlaca told KTVZ.

“So to create something that would take advantage of the two we thought was a brilliant idea.

“Initially, people have to look at the label twice. Then they ask us: “Is this really for dogs?””

by Arf the Dog

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Pants calendar is an unlikely success

Calendar /Europics

A bizarre calendar of men posing in their underpants with classic 1970s cars is proving an unlikely success in Germany.

The pictures – featuring male models of all shapes and sizes – show some classic bodywork has aged better than others.

One bearded model poses in a pair of baggy brown Y-fronts, holding a chainsaw, as he stands beside a classic Audi quattro.

Another model in the £25 calendar is seen posing proudly in front of a Volvo Amazon while wearing skin-tight leopard-skin print trunks.

Creator Janet Schurmeyer, from Wuppertal, says she and a photographer pal dreamed up the calender as an antidote to traditional poses of semi-clad women draped over curvy sports cars.

“We only use men – most of them are our friends – and they are often not wearing the most attractive underwear, whatever it is they feel comfortable in” she explained.

“I’d say it’s about equal with men and women buying them. It is not a question of sex – it’s more about a person’s sense of humour,” she added.

The pair say it’s selling well online – and they have even sold some to garages where mechanics have hung it alongside the regular girlie pin up calenders.

She added: “There are girl mechanics now as well – so why shouldn’t they have something for the wall as well?

“There is a minimum age of 20 years for the cars. For the men it is 18,” she added.

by The Punjapit Alliance

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