This Kitschy Sexy Lady iPhone Case Has a Hidden Surprise for Everyone to Enjoy

All you fellas out there know the best way to pick up women is by using playboy mud flaps while driving their van airbrushed with a painting of a seminude Valkyrie and wearing their “beaver inspector” T-shirt.

Well now you have another weapon in your arsenal of manliness guaranteed to score with the ladies.  This sexy bath tub lady iPhone case is certainly impressive by itself, but beneath the bath water lies secret that will tempt everyone to buy it.

The lady’s head acts as a stand for your iPhone!  Yes, the back of this woman’s head is ideal to prop up your mobile phone for web surfing or video chatting.  Is that classy or what?

by The Punjapit Alliance

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Smokers Find New Haven in Japan, But for a Price

It’s getting tougher to be a smoker in Japan. It was once a paradise for tobacco lovers, who were free to light up in workplaces, restaurants, bars, on the street, and pretty much any darn place they pleased. Add to that the low price of cigarettes and the ever-present vending machines, and you couldn’t swing a tanuki without hitting a smoker. In recent years, though, smoking has been banned on the streets and in offices, the taxes on tobacco have gone up, and more and more public spaces are going smoke free. The government even announced recently that they are launching a 10-year plan to cut the smoking rate nearly in half.

While this trend has tobacco companies shaking in their boots, one company has turned it into a golden business opportunity. For just 50 yen, Ippuku (roughly “a cig” in Japanese) offers smokers a comfortable, indoor place to take a 15-min smoke break.

According to parent company General Holdings, Ippuku was founded on the philosophy that smokers and nonsmokers alike should be able to enjoy the neighborhoods where they live and work, and they thought that a dedicated paid smoking area might facilitate that. The company sent out a questionnaire regarding smoking habits and found that there were very few places that smokers could spend a relaxing and productive 15 minutes while they got their fix, so they set out to create some.

Starting in July, three Ippuku branches will open in Tokyo, near Ochanomizu, Jimbocho and Kanda Stations, and General Holdings plans to open a total of 36 shops covering all 23 wards of Tokyo by the end of 2015. The shops, which will be open from 6am to midnight every day, feature ventilation fans, aroma diffusers, free internet access, drink vending machines, background music, and televisions, among other features. In addition to the one-time rate of 50 yen, users will also be able to choose from day (100 yen), week (500 yen) and month (1800 yen) passes.

The company says they have tried to think of every detail to create a comfortable experience for their customers so that “even if they have to pay, people will choose Ippuku.”

by The Punjapit Alliance

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Octogenarian hopes for sex swap op

Qian Jinfan /Quirky China News

A Chinese octogenarian is hoping to become the oldest in the country – and possibly the world – to undergo transgender surgery.

Qian Jinfan, 84, a former government official, who lives in Foshan, is believed to be the country’s oldest transexual.

He said he wants to become his true female self after nearly a century feeling like he was locked in a man’s body.

Qian, originally from Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, said he first felt that he should have been born a girl when he was just three-years-old.

“Deep down inside, I always thought it would have been great to be a girl,” said Qian.

“But only when I was completely alone would I be fully myself. Whenever other people were around, I would keep it all inside.”

Throughout their lives, Qian’s parents had no idea that their son secretly wished to become a woman.

He even got married as a man at the age of 54, and his wife too was totally unaware of his secret – as was their son.

It was not until 2008, at the grand old age of 80, that Qian finally felt the time was right to start taking female hormones, and to dress as a woman.

He is now waiting to undergo transgender surgery – but there are complications that first must be overcome because of his age.

“I have been holding out for a medical breakthrough,” he said. “I was very disappointed to recently hear that could take forever but I live in hope.”

by Dr Vince

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Politicians want men to pee sitting down

Toilet /Ext

Politicans in Sweden are calling for new rules to ban men from urinating while standing up.

The local Left Party on the Sormland County Council wants men to sit down to pee in council toilets.

The socialist and feminist party claims that seated urination is more hygienic for men, reports The Local newspaper.

They say it decreases the likelihood of puddles and is better for men’s health by more effectively emptying the bladder.

However, at least one expert, John Gamel, a professor at the University of Louisville, disagrees.

“Men scatter urine not so much during the actual urination as during the ‘shaking off’ that follows,” he said.

“As a result, forcing men to sit while emptying their bladders will serve little purpose, since no man wants to shake himself off while remaining seated on the toilet.”

by The Punjapit Alliance

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Breweries of the United States Map

Breweries of the United States Map

Give your beer-loving friends something to gawk at the next time they’re over by hanging this Breweries of the United States Map on your home pub wall. Featuring over 1,000 breweries — from the smallest craft houses to giant, InBev-owned beasts — it measures in at over seven square feet and features breakout circles for brewing hotbeds like New York, Boston, Denver, and Seattle.

by Arthur Furrowfield + Dr Vince

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Old People Officially Not Smelly

The older you get the less you stink

According to research published in the online science journal PLoS One, old people do not smell as bad as young or middle-aged people.

The paper, The Smell of Age: Perception and Discrimination of Body Odors of Different Ages, reports an experiment in which people of different ages were asked to sleep in the same T-shirt for five nights with additional pads under the armpits.

The pads were then removed and put into jars to be sniffed by volunteer subjects.

According to lead researcher Dr Johan Lundstrom, the results showed that “young guys are stinky, middle-aged guys are even more stinky, and when they got old it goes away.”


by Dr.Vince

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Public toilets must only have two flies: Extraordinary order from Chinese bureaucrats

Public lavatories in Beijing must contain no more than two flies per stall, according to a bizarre new directive issued to washroom attendants.

The two-fly limit is one of a series of measures aimed at improving toilets in the Chinese capital.

The Beijing Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment issued the rule as a ‘new standard for public toilet management.’


Xie Guomin, the official in charge of the initiative, said that the two-fly rule was not compulsory, but was a new benchmark to improve the Chinese capital’s notoriously unpleasant public restrooms.

‘We will not actually count fly numbers. The regulation is specific and quantified, but the inspection methodology will be flexible,’ Guomin said.

The new regulations are similar to the ones in place during the 2008 Summer Olympics when Beijing mandated rules on discarded items and rules on accessibility.

There has been a marked improvement in toilet cleanliness in Beijing in recent years.

The new regulations set forth aim to improve those public restrooms that are still unsatisfactory, and also to educate the public on clean bathroom habits.
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