Man Leaves Box of Fish at Japanese Orphanage

is this Arthur Furrowfield’s doing…..


Another tale of anonymous Japanese winter philanthropy, this time from Toyama prefecture.

At around 2:30 pm on December 8, a female staff member at an orphanage in Takaoka city noticed a man pulling up in a white vehicle and placing three large boxes, two styrofoam and one cardboard, at the base of a telephone pole near the entrance. The man, who seemed to be in his 30s, beckoned the staff member over with his hand and, without saying anything, left the boxes and drove off.

In the cardboard box were five daikon, or Japanese radishes. In the styrofoam boxes were two large, plump yellowtail, accompanied by a letter that read: “The men of the ocean have braved billowing waves, putting their lives on the line for these kan-buri (winter yellowtail).” The letter was signed: “Yours truly  A Man Who Loves the Ocean”.

At first, vegetables and fish may seem like a rather strange combination to leave outside an orphanage, but the man had actually gifted the children with a luxurious winter feast: winter yellowtail are a major seasonal delicacy that normally sell for anywhere between 30-40,000 yen ($350-$480) a fish.

by The Punjapit Alliance

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Bourbon Marshmallows…. Friday Night Treats

Bourbon Marshmallows

You want to talk about Super Smores? Best be making them with some of these Wondermade Bourbon Marshmallows. Soaked in Maker’s Mark, these boozy sweets are sure to add a spark of unexpected flavor to whatever treat you put them in. Perfect for fooling unsuspecting in-laws over the holidays. If the hard liquor isn’t your thing, they also offer Guinness, apple cinnamon, cranberry, pear, and pumpkin pie flavors.

by The Punjapit Crew

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Vale remora….

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of remora.

remora was a founding member of Punjapit & a great friend to all at the shed.

With sincere sympathy,


Bakery workers strip for charity

Charity calendar /Greggs

Women staff at a branch of bakers Greggs have stripped off for charity, covering their modesty with buns and biscuits.

They bared nearly all for a charity calendar, now on sale at every one of the 1,650 Greggs shops across the UK.

Priced at £5 it has reportedly been flying off the shelves and is on course to raise more than £100,000 for the BBC Children in Need appeal.

The mouth-watering calendar was the idea of Kelly Gilmour, 32, an assistant ­manageress at the shop in Gateshead, Tyneside, where all the women work.

Kelly, who appears as Miss June with a pile of doughnuts and a can of cream, said: “Customers may look at their Belgian buns in a different way now.

“We were really nervous about ­doing the pictures but a couple of glasses of wine helped. Then it was good fun.”

Covered in Belgian buns as Miss March, manager Nicola Dickenson, 35, added: “We can’t believe it. We’re not exactly supermodels.”

by Elizabeth

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Closed for a End of Summer Holiday

Management has asked us to take End of Summer vacation….

So Punjapit is going to be closed & will reopen mid October.

(Arf will be guarding “the SHED”)

“Blue Dragon” Sea Slug Reminds Us That the Ocean is Filled With Strange Creatures

Talking about sea creatures….. where’s remora

The strange blue creature in the photo above may look like a monster from a Japanese RPG, but is actually a real animal—the Glaucus atlanticus sea slug, to be exact.

Commonly known as the blue dragon or blue sea slug, this beautiful little mollusk can be found off the coast of South Africa, Australia and Mozambique, floating on the surface tension of the water.

Glaucus atlanticus got quite a bit of attention on the internet in April after a stunning up-close photo was posted to imigur. While we only just stumbled upon the blue dragon today, the moment we saw it we had the feeling this wasn’t the first time we had seen a sea slug that looked like something out of a fantasy world.

by The Punjapit Alliance

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Fermented fish triggers gas leak alarm

Fermeted herring /Daniel Erkstam/Flickr

Emergency services rushed to a suburb of Stockholm after reports of a gas leak – only to find a bucket of fermented herring.

Two fire engines, two police cars and an emergency gas leak team all rushed to the investigate the reports in Sodermalm, reports The Local.

They had been alerted by concerned neighbours who thought they smelled gas in the stairwell, but it turned out to be something less dangerous.

The strong smell came from fermented herring, or surstromming, a notoriously foul-smelling Swedish delicacy traditionally served at autumn parties.

“I guess somebody didn’t know what surstromming smells like,” said Sven-Erik Olsson from the police’s command centre.

by The Punjapit Alliance

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Man Frames Octopus for Murder or Vice-Versa, Trial Ongoing in South Korea


It was the third tenicle on the right that did it…..

In Incheon, South Korea, a bizarre murder trial is taking place surrounding the 2010 death of a 22 year-old woman, referred to as Ms. Y.  The defendant is her boyfriend, 31 year-old Mr. K.  Prosecutors are demanding that Mr. K be sentenced to death for her murder.

With a key piece of evidence missing, he must convince the court of his side of the story: an octopus did it.


During the trial on 3 September the prosecution explained that “defendant K had committed a brutal crime which was premeditated.”

They went on to say “witness testimony will show that K’s guilt is clear.  This man’s method was so perfect that, he could have potentially committed this crime multiple times.  Therefore we are demanding the death penalty.”

According to the testimony, in April 2010, after purchasing an octopus Mr. K checked into a motel with his then-girlfriend Ms. Y.  Mr. K claims that “she was eating Sannakji when she collapsed and stopped breathing.”  The police were sent to the scene where Ms. Y was found dead.

Sannakji is octopus served so fresh that it is still twitching on the plate when you eat it.  It’s a somewhat popular Asian dish, which is also well known for its risk of choking. Since the suckers on the octopus’ tentacles may still function, it can easily get lodged in the throat if not chewed properly.

This was believed to be what happened to Ms. Y.  Since her death was determined to be accidental, no autopsy was performed and her body was cremated shortly after.

Afterwards, the family of Ms. Y noticed that she had taken out a life insurance policy (as all 22 year-olds do?) one month before her death.  And the beneficiary was none other than her lover, Mr. K.  As a result of the policy he stood to gain 200,000,000 won (US$175,000).

The family then requested the case be reopened.

by The Punjapit Alliance

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Mamma Mia! Italians Think Japanese Eat Sushi Off of Naked Women?

Recently our correspondent was interviewing pizzerias in Sicily.  As a result he found himself eating pizza all day every day. Being a gastronomic pro, our reporter was unphased, but suddenly wondered how the sushi in Italy was.  Figuring Sicily’s excellent seafood may yield some equally good sushi, he tracked down a restaurant in Palmero.

However, what he found was so shocking, he couldn’t even remember how the sushi tasted.  Kuzo had stumbled on the fabled practice of nyotaimori – eating sushi off naked women.


This sushi shop, So Sushi, was actually a chain restaurant on the grow across Italy.  As Kuzo entered he noticed the chef working was from South East Asia, but still had a good feeling that this European take on a Japanese classic was going to be alright.

However, the rest of his experience there was a total blur, possibly the result of PTSD.  The next thing he remembered was standing in his hotel room holding a package. The package read, “The First Nyotaimori Kit.”

The package had no markings on it that would suggest it was an import from Japan, China, Thailand, or any other Asian country.  This was a So Sushi original. In fact it said “Made In Italy” on it along with “Presenting: Yoshiko.”

Our correspondent fumbled to open that package and unfold the poster inside revealing 190cm tall naked woman who was either heavily airbrushed or generated by computer.  “This must be Yoshiko” he thought.

by The Punjapit Alliance

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South Korea’s Fear Factor: Watching a Woman Eat Cow Pen!s

Just thinking about eating a cow’s penis already makes you almost puke in disgust, but getting a taste of it must be an entirely different thing.

South Korea just can’t stop coming up with these kinds of weird ideas.

cp South Koreas Fear Factor: Watching a Woman Eat Cow Penis picture

On a South Korean TV show, a lady was made to eat a cow’s lengthy penis. Disgust and can be seen on her face as she tries to take a bite of the “food.”

While everyone kept on laughing while cheering for her, she decided to just close her eyes and eat the cow’s penis hesitantly. While chewing on the rubbery substance, she couldn’t help but gag, however, as if she wanted to throw up.

After a few more chews and cheers from the hosts, she managed to swallow it down, with tears of disgust forming in her eyes.

by The Punjapit Alliance

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