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Female hooligan ‘hid flare inside body’

Police in Russia are searching for a female football hooligan who they say injured a goalkeeper with a firecracker she had hidden inside her vagina.

Dynamo Moscow goalkeeper Anton Shunin was taken to hospital to be treated for damage to his eyes after the firework exploded in his face.

Police say video footage shows it was thrown by a female Zenit St Petersburg fan – and that they have evidence how she smuggled it into the ground.

A police source told journalists that female fans commonly used contraceptives to carry flares into the stands inside their bodies.

­”During the inspection of the stadium after Dynamo’s match against Zenit…, the police found dozens of condoms in the ladies’ room,” the source said.

Russian football officials are to meet this week to discuss the incident and could award a technical victory to Dynamo.

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Japan invents goalkeeping toilet

Two Japanese firms have teamed up to create a toilet that doubles up as a goalkeeper.

The Super Great Toiler Keeper showed off its prowess by saving penalties from Japanese star striker Tatsuhiko ‘Dragon’ Kubo.

It uses motion-detecting cameras to calculate the flight of the ball, pivot on its axis, and fire a small ball from the bowl to parry the incoming soccer ball.

The bizarre invention is the unlikely result of two Japanese companies with similar names and vastly different products, joining forces.

Toilet maker Toto and sports lottery agent Toto pitched their collaboration as an environmentally friendly project.

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Closed for a End of Summer Holiday

Management has asked us to take End of Summer vacation….

So Punjapit is going to be closed & will reopen mid October.

(Arf will be guarding “the SHED”)

Romance hits Fifa 13….. Gooner Love


The spirit of goodwill that has engulfed the world of sport over the summer has spread to one of the biggest computer games of the year.

A strange glitch in the demo for Fifa 13, which was launched this week, sees new Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud smooching with Borussia Dortmund midfielder Mario Gotze during a match.

Fifa 2013’s full launch is slated for September 28th giving makers EA Sports a few weeks to iron out any other bugs.

Gotze was linked with a move to Arsenal in the summer, but he remained with the Bundesliga champions. Maybe he wasn’t keen on Arsenal’s new man marking tactic.

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Highest ever goal scored at Wembley

Andrew Henderson has scored the highest ever goal at Wembley, 30 metres above the pitch.

The freestyle football champion was performing tricks and extreme keepy uppies along the stadium’s zip wire, which is running as part of the Wembley Tour.

Giving himself the ultimate birds’ eye view of the playing field Henderson hurtled down the 200-metre wire reaching speeds of 25 miles per hour (faster than Usain Bolt) as he controlled the ball and managed to land his second attempt in the back of the net.

Andrew Henderson, from Truro in Cornwall, scooped the World Freestyle Football Championship last year in Malaysia with his extraordinary footballing skills and signature move – the Triple Around The World.

Henderson said: “This was definitely the most extreme freestyling I’ve ever done – it was so fast, with an incredible view of the pitch.

“It wasn’t easy trying to score but I managed to build up my confidence each time I went down the wire. Scoring a goal at Wembley while shooting across the pitch 30 metres in the air is the ultimate thrill.”

by remora + robin (the Lads)

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Football team poses topless for season photo in bid to secure shirt sponsorship deal

It is the time in the year when Yeovil Town officially unveil their kit for the new season – complete with shirt sponsor.

But after their previous backer pulled out, the League One side have failed to secure another £100,000-a-year deal.

So the team has decided to encourage potential sponsors – by going ahead with their annual squad photo without shirts.

Naked ambition: A professional football team have posed topless for this annual team photo shoot - after failing to attract a shirt sponsor for next season

The club is currently negotiating with several companies – after construction firm D R Jones pulled out – and manager Gary Johnson hopes the stunt will encourage one of them to sign on the dotted line.

He said: ‘I couldn’t see the point of a team shot without a sponsor. So, somewhat tongue in cheek, we decided we should go topless.

‘We have had dialogue with several potential sponsors but nothing definite has been agreed yet.

‘Being part of the main team picture is a major part of the sponsorship package and I didn’t think it was fair to whoever does agree a deal for the team to wear shirts.

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Football strip

Sun burn CEN

Sun-day league footballer Rafi Bohl’s team number has made a lasting impression on him – after he burned it into his skin during a massive sunbathing session.

Rafi, 27 – from Thurgau, Switzerland – used gaffa tape to put ’15’ on his chest and then sat out in the Majorca sun for a whole day until the number had been branded onto his skin.

“It’s my football team number so if I every forget my shirt, I’m sorted,” he said.

Pal Reto Junker, 26 – who branded “Sc***ing 69′ on his back and bottom – added: “We could hardly sit down afterwards.”

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Japan’s women footballers – want to be bumped up!!

Members of Japan’s women’s football team have complained about having to fly economy class to the Olympics while the men’s team were in business class.

The women, strong contenders for gold, flew premium economy to Paris. The men are not expected to win a medal.

“I guess it should have been the other way around,” star player Homare Sawa told Japanese media.

She said her team had been given business class seats last year, but only after they won the World Cup.

“Even just in terms of age, we are senior,” she jokingly said after arriving in Paris on Monday.

This is the fourth time that Sawa, 33, is taking part in the Olympics. She is the oldest Japanese player to taking part in the football in London.

She captained the Japanese women’s team, which received a hero’s welcome when it returned home after victory over the US in the World Cup in July 2011.

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Swamp Football World Cup 2012

So swamp football then, eh? It’s like regular football, only swampier. Much swampier, in fact. So swampy you can barely move, no less.

This year’s swamp football world cup – yes indeed, there’s a swamp football world cup – is being held in China, with Beijing playing host to 32 teams over several 25m x 15m swamps, kicking and scrapping and sloshing it out for the grand prize.

A few swamp football details for you, just to get your head around it:

  • There’s no offside rule
  • You can substitute as many people on and off as you like
  • Only six people on the pitch at one time
  • Your squad must be made up of 12 people
  • Boots may not be changed during the game
  • It’s a game of two halves (of course), each lasting 13 minutes each

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