Vale remora….

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of remora.

remora was a founding member of Punjapit & a great friend to all at the shed.

With sincere sympathy,


Closed for a End of Summer Holiday

Management has asked us to take End of Summer vacation….

So Punjapit is going to be closed & will reopen mid October.

(Arf will be guarding “the SHED”)

Action-man’s Tears of Joy….

Were those really tears running down Vladimir Putin’s cheeks? The returning Russian president has long nurtured a he-man image, but as he addressed thousands of supporters outside the Kremlin walls on Sunday night his voice was, unusually, cracking.

“I asked you once, will we win?” he said. “And we won!” he declared, to cheering and flag-waving from his fans.

“We won an open and honest battle,” Putin added.

by The Punjapit Alliance

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Closed for Christmas & New Year

We are closed for Christmas and New Year ….

We will return in about 3 weeks.

By The Punjapit Management

The Punjapit Alliance gears up for Xmas: Crystal Swings the Hucklebuck

by Dr.Vince + Arthur Furrowfield + robin + Elizabeth + Arf the Dog

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The Punjapit Approach to Blogging

why complicate things?…children definitely have the right idea….

by The Punjapit Alliance

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PUN-JAP-IT Season 3: Fukaki Umi No Kanata

Welcome to our third season, first a report from our sports reporter Arthur Furrowfield…..

Nude Blacks take on Conquistadoras /PA

New Zealand’s naked rugby team, the so-called Nude Blacks, have lost for the first time in their nine-year history – to a women’s team.

But an offer by the clothed women’s team – to remove an item of clothing for each try they scored – may have influenced the result.

Asked if they had let the visiting Spanish Conquistadoras score a few easy tries, Brad Henderson, 23, replied: “Of course.”

The all-amateur Nude Blacks – named for the country’s elite All Blacks side – played the exhibition game in New Zealand ahead of the World Cup clash between Argentina and England.

The Nude Blacks play an invitational side before every international rugby game in Dunedin, where they are based.

A crowd of about 1,500 watched the all-male team get beaten 25-20 by the Conquistadoras who count a pole dancer, a teacher and a student among their members.

The all-girl side started out in blue shirts and black shorts, with underwear in co-ordinated pink layers, so they could still tell what team they were on.

The Conquistadoras visit came about after they won a competition to travel to New Zealand for a rugby tournament on ice after posting a video of themselves playing on the beach in Barcelona.

The Conquistadores’ Vanessa Pleguezuelos, 31, said: “It could have been a distraction but we played the match like any other.”

by Elizabeth + robin

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