robin is knocked off his perch!….

THE cheery robin with its red breast and joyous winter song has been knocked off its perch as the nation’s best-loved bird.

Although the robin adorned millions of festive greetings cards this Christmas and continues to be pampered with bird table treats, a New Year poll has seen it lose its place as our top feathered friend.

Swooping in to become the new darling of the birdwatching masses is the multi-coloured kingfisher, a bird that for all its brilliant electric blue and orange plumage has only been seen by a lucky few.

Grahame Madge, of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, said: “The kingfisher has to be a favourite bird that the fewest number of people have actually seen.” Recent surveys show there are only 5,700 pairs living along the country’s network of rivers and streams and that since 1995 numbers have declined by 17 per cent, though there are hopes that cleaner waterways and greater conservation measures are helping it to recover.

Kingfisher numbers are so low it has been officially given an “amber” status because of conservation concerns

Harsh winters, when rivers are frozen over for days on end, pose a life-or-death struggle to the tiny kingfisher, which tips the scales at one-and-half ounces and needs a constant supply of sticklebacks and minnows to survive.

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The Punjapit Alliance gears up for Xmas: Crystal Swings the Hucklebuck

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Japan Olympic judo champ fired for sex harassment

Japan’s retired double Olympic judo gold medallist Masato Uchishiba was fired as a university coach Tuesday for sexually harassing a female student.

Uchishiba, 33, who won the 66kg title at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, had been coaching the women’s judo team at Kyushu University of Nursing and Social Welfare in Kumamoto prefecture, southern Japan, since April last year.

He announced his retirement from competition in October last year and became a visiting professor at the university last January.

Uchishiba sexually harassed the student after allowing her to have an alcoholic drink in September, the school said in a statement without giving further details in order to “protect her privacy.”

It said Uchishiba was “extremely unqualified as a member of the faculty” and had “extremely impaired the school’s honour and diminished its credibility.”

The Jiji and Kyodo news agencies reported, quoting school officials, the girl was under 20 and that Uchishiba told a panel set up by the university that he made the advance on the girl, who was a member of the judo team, “on the basis of mutual consent.”

“I could hardly believe it because he was someone that has won twice at the Olympics,” university president Makoto Futatsuka told a news conference, according to the public broadcaster NHK.

“I was stunned when I learned about it. I cannot help but say we have been not strict enough in guiding him as he was such a famous athlete.”

There was no immediate comment from Uchishiba.

The legal age for drinking in Japan is 20.

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George Costanza is the Star of Google Wallet Commercial

Seinfeld Google Wallet

Have you ever heard of Google Wallet? Well, I hadn’t either but I’m certainly familiar with the product’s new “spokesman,” George Costanza (Jason Alexander).

Apparently Google Wallet is a way to use your smartphone as credit card and you can use it to pay for goods or services at places that have the proper equipment.

Google has used footage from the Seinfeld episode called “The Reverse Peephole” in which George’s back starts to hurt because his wallet is so jammed full of paper and cards.

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PUN-JAP-IT Second Anniversary

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Meet 98-year-old Keiko Fukuda, the only woman with a 10th Dan Judo black belt

There are only four people in the world that have tenth Dan in Judo. Three of them are men, and live in Japan. One of them is a woman, and lives in the USA. Her name is Keiko Fukuda, and yes, she is a badass.

A 98-year-old badass. That’s right, she’s 98-years-old and she could still kick our arses. Hard.

It’s been a long time coming for Fukuda, battling against gender discrimination in the world of Judo for all her life, seeing dozens of male martial artists get higher ranks than her despite her superior skill.

Still teaching in Noe Valley, San Francisco, Judo USA finally announced her promotion to coincide with Fukuda’s annual International Kata Championship at San Francisco City College.

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Workers push drunk boss’s car home

All push together /Quirky China News

Ten workers in China pushed their boss’s car three miles home after an office party – because they were all too drunk to drive.

The group had been enjoying a meal at a restaurant in downtown Changchun, northeast China’s Jilin Province, when they realised their predicament.

Boss Zhang Fei announced that he was too drunk to drive and suddenly realised nobody had stayed sober enough to drive his car.

Drink-driving was this year listed as a hazardous crime in China and offenders face up to six months in jail and a heavy fine.

Zhang did not want to leave his car downtown and it was too late to call out a substitute driver – so vice president Huang Weiyun suggested they all push him home.

Huang pointed out that it was only three miles away and that the exercise would do them all good – so all ten quickly agreed and set off with Zhang at the wheel.

Passers-by were stunned to see the group, laughing and singing, as they pushed their boss’s VW car home through the city streets during the 45 minute journey.

Traffic officers said that as long as the car’s engine was not running, it would not be classed as drink-driving under Chinese law.

But they warned other people against following suit, pointing out the dangers of pushing a car, while drunk, through busy streets.

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