Shed Read of the Week…. Bitter Brew

Bitter Brew

There’s a deeper story behind the Budweiser you’re cracking open than what you might expect. Bitter Brew: The Rise and Fall of Anheuser-Busch and America’s Kings of Beer  is an in-depth look at the story of the Busch family, covering over a century of history. Business, baseball, and beer are intermingled in this engrossing tale of one of America’s most powerful families, from the business’ humble beginnings in St. Louis through its sale to InBev. A must-read for beer-lovers and teetotalers alike.

by Arthur Furrowfield

Korean Feces Wine

Getting our hands on the beverage was certainly no easy task, and we can tell you for certain that you won’t find bottles of it being sold on the shelves of Korean supermarkets. We imagine most Koreans today have never laid eyes nor lips on the beverage, nor would they want to.

Yet, believe it or not, here we are with two bottles of feces wine and only one thing left to do: serve a glass to the cutest girl in our office.


Some of you may recall our female correspondent Chie Nomura from past RocketNews24 dining reports such as scorpion crackers and frog sashimi (not for the squeamish).

Chie has great respect for foreign cultures and is willing to eat just about anything that can be passed off as a traditional dish, no matter how grotesque it may sound. She was the perfect test subject.

We poured Chie a glass on Tongusl, which she brought to her lips and sipped gently like a fine wine. She comments, “You can tell it has a high alcohol content. I also sense traces of Chinese medicinal herbs. It doesn’t smell like feces, but there is a feint acidity to it. I would never have guessed there was feces in it unless you had told me.”

by The Punjapit Alliance

Welcome to the Hop On Inn!

Pub landlord Colin Flitter is turning heads with his double-decker bus - which he's transformed into a mobile English inn

Pub landlord Colin Flitter is turning heads with his double-decker bus – which he’s transformed into a mobile English inn.

The 41-year-old bought the classic 1966 red Routemaster from eBay for 18,500 and spent 14,000 pounds turning it into the aptly named Hop On Inn.

The lower deck has been converted into a fully functional bar – complete with beer pumps.

The lower deck of the 1966 red Routemaster has been converted into a fully functional bar - complete with beer pumps

by Arthur Furrowfield

“The Oceans”: a new series for the Japanese market

Whisky fans with a special interest in marine biology will be happy to know a new series of single cask bottlings of Scotch whisky for the Japanese market has just been launched. Those of us who go through life without worrying too much about sea creatures can still marvel at the beautiful artwork and – most importantly – the quality of the liquid in the bottle. It should not come as a surprise that the minds behind this series – and, incidentally, two other series launched this autumn, of which more later – are the people over at Whisk-e. The inaugural release in the series “The Oceans” comprises a Longmorn 1996 and a Bunnahabhain 1979, both drawn from a single hogshead and both selected from the vast stocks at independent bottler Duncan Taylor (although the series is planned to include casks from other sources, and indeed, Whisk-e’s own stock of private casks in the future).

Blow Your Hair Out with this Colt Peacemaker Hair Dryer

The hair dryer is an essential tool for any woman who wants beautifully styled hair. The Colt Peacemaker is an American single action revolver and iconic pistol of the Wild West.

What do they have in common? Not much. But put together, they make the most badass blowdryer (or poorly-designed firearm) this side of the Mississippi.

The hair dryer is called the .357 Magnum Dryer (though it’s molded after the Peacemaker) and is a vintage novelty item made by Jerdon circa 1981. According to Dude I Want That, it has a faux-pearl handle and chrome-colored plastic barrel.

by A + E

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Shed drink of the Week…. Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select

In case you didn’t know, Frank Sinatra was known to drink Jack Daniel’s. A lot of Jack Daniel’s. Now Jack is returning the favor by honoring the man who was such a loyal fan. Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select arrives at 90 proof inside a specially-designed one-liter bottle and gift box that both feature accents of orange — Frank’s favorite color — and a distinct “hat” logo. The whiskey is made from barrels that are hand-selected by Master Distiller Jeff Arnett for a fuller flavor and darker color, then mingled with classic Old No. 7 to result in a drink with a smooth, bold character — just like the man himself.

by The Punjapit Alliance

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Japan’s New Pepsi White is Flavored Orange

Winter is approaching fast and it looks like Japan’s romance with the color black is finally fading away into softer shades with Pepsi’s newest seasonal flavor, Pepsi White.


Pepsi White will hit shelves on December 11 and will be the last of Pepsi’s 2012 season lineup, following Pepsi Pink, Pepsi Black and Pepsi Salty Watermelon.

According to Japanese distributor Suntory, Pepsi White will be offered throughout Winter and promises a refreshing flavor with a hint of mandarin orange.

Mandarin oranges come into season from fall to winter and are representative of New Years food in Japan, with many people spending their lazy winter holiday snacking on the fruit while sitting at the kotatsu (a small table with an electric or charcoal heater underneath and covered with a quilt) and watching TV.

If the mandarin orange flavor and snow-colored liquid isn’t enough to get you in the spirit, the Pepsi White label is adorned with one of six different adorable snowman designs. It’s like winter in a bottle!

by Pip G.

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